About me and the site

I am Ben, a 27-year-old in Seattle. I used to teach chess and I played it competitively.

Some of my favorite activities include listening to music, writing nonfiction, meditating, learning, reading, investing, spending time with friends, helping people that need help, thinking about the future, studying psychology, watching movies, creating projects.

I have a major in Psychology and a minor in Business from the University of Oregon. I also took some classes at Santa Clara University and Stanford. I graduated magna cum laude in 2012. I’m from Seattle originally.

Info@ableity.com is the best email to contact me.

The emphasis of Ableity is focusing on what you are able to do in spite of pain, disability, or mental blocks.

Ableity is a written framework for mental freedom and getting what you want if dissatisfied, stuck, or in pain. Everyone deserves a chance at happiness or inner peace. Further, fulfillment is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and I hope to help people achieve this emotion.

Psychology, mindfulness, hobbies, business, career, relationships are some of the main topics discussed on this website. There are many health domains relating to the mind, not just physical ones. Maintaining or improving happiness, your friendships, your passions, and your goals are all critical to achieving good physical and mental health.

This site is basically where self-development and action meet.

Ableity is pronounced “ability”.  I am questioning what it means to be able. I also use the alliteration for “achieving big and little dreams, and everything in between”.

I had a reaction to a medication over three years ago which led to increasingly significant connective tissue pain and weakening.

I’m creating this site because basically no one wants to be in emotional or physical pain, and when the in that situation, there should be improvements or ways to accept.  I’m concerned about life quality and mental health issues associated with suffering, disability, and chronic pain – including the extremely high rate of male suicide, homelessness, as well as distress.

I believe if we focused a bit more on love and commonality in the human experience everything would be a bit better.

Nothing I say is professional medical advice, and if you have any questions relating to your physical and mental health contact a medical professional. There are affiliate links to Clickbank as well as Amazon.

Disclaimer : Nothing on this site should be construed as medical advice. Always speak to your primary care physician before making any changes to your diet or exercise routine. Nothing on this site has been evaluated by the FDA. Any use of any information is solely your decision and discretion.